Drink Your Cannabis Juice

Experience the many health benefits of cannabis juice without getting ‘stoned’

The dilemma for many medical cannabis patients is that they often do not want to feel ‘stoned’.  While medical cannabis may provide relief for their symptoms, the psychoactive effects are often unwanted or inappropriate for daily use.  For parents, working professionals, or people who simply do not enjoy having their minds altered, the sensation of feeling ‘stoned’ all day is not practical.  For these people, non-psychoactive raw cannabis juice may provide the perfect solution.

 Many people do not realize that if cannabis is never heated, it will not be psychoactive when consumed by humans.   THC, the most famous psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant, only becomes psychoactive when it is heated.  That is why people smoke cannabis or heat cannabis in butter or oil.  Lighting cannabis on fire or cooking it in hot oil creates a chemical reaction which converts the raw non-psychoactive compound THCa into the well-known psychoactive compound THC.  But if the cannabis material is never heated, the non-psychoactive THCa molecule will remain in its non-psychoactive form.  This allows people to consume large quantities of fresh raw cannabis material without getting ‘stoned’.

Jade Nectar

Raw Cannabis Juice is a simple and nutritious way to consume non-psychoactive medicinal cannabis as a whole food

Sometimes simple is better.  There is a current trend within the cannabis industry to find new fancy and complicated ways to extract the many compounds found in cannabis.  Many of these ‘cutting-edge’ techniques include expensive machines that utilize petroleum based solvents, ethanol alcohol, or high pressure CO2 extraction devices.  These extractions often result in extremely high concentrations of isolated cannabinoids, and the leftover cannabis plant material is considered an unwanted substance that needs to be separated and thrown away.  But what if cannabis in its natural state is actually a perfectly balanced whole food?  What if raw cannabis is extremely effective in providing health benefits when all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other nutritional elements are simply left alone to work synergistically in their unaltered state?  Could it be that millions of years of evolution created a plant that does not need human intervention and modification to provide effective medicine?  Some people have found that simply eating a few fresh cannabis leaves off of a live growing cannabis plant provides incredible relief for aches and pains, inflammation, autoimmune disorders, and other health issues.  And these are not just anecdotal stories.  Scientific research is now confirming that the raw cannabinoids, THCa, CBDa, and CBGa to name a few, provide tremendous relief and health benefits for many ailments.  Not only is raw cannabis rich in medicinal cannabinoids, it is also a green leafy vegetable that is full of nutritional vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and other health promoting compounds.  So perhaps medical cannabis patients should try consuming cannabis in its raw form before moving on to the more concentrated and processed cannabis formulations?  Simple may be better, or at least worth a try.

How to acquire raw cannabis material

 So how does someone get a hold of fresh raw cannabis material if they want to try it?  Until recently, sourcing fresh raw cannabis material has been extremely difficult.  Cannabis leaves are extremely perishable and are only viable for two or three days in a refrigerator.  Also, most cannabis cultivators whose end goal is harvesting the cannabis flower, will only remove leaf material one or two times during the growing cycle.  And cannabis that is grown for the flowers will often be sprayed with pesticides and fungicides during the vegetative growth period, thus making the leaves unsuitable for consumption.  Also,  many of the cannabis strains that are grown for recreational (psychoactive) use will contain high levels of THCa, but typically do not contain the highly medicinal compound CBDa.  But now there is any easy way to acquire high quality, naturally grown cannabis material that has the perfect blend of raw THCa, CBDa, and other medicinal compounds.  Jade Nectar frozen raw cannabis juice is a new product that allows easy access to raw cannabis material. 

Jade Nectar Raw Cannabis Juice – Frozen Cubes

After many years of consuming raw cannabis material and experiencing the many health benefits, the people at the Jade Nectar Farm in Santa Cruz, California concluded that the benefits of raw cannabis needed to be shared with more people.  So they set out to develop a product that could provide a reliable source of raw cannabis to the masses.  As with all fresh produce, the challenge in distribution is always the extremely short shelf-life.  After a long period of experimenting with different techniques, formulations, and packaging materials, Jade Nectar decided that juicing the fresh raw cannabis material (similar to juicing wheat grass or kale) and then flash freezing the juice into serving size cubes was the best technique for preserving and distributing the raw cannabis material.  After a series of lab tests, Jade Nectar found the raw cannabis juice cubes still retain their potency, vitality, and effectiveness even after 6 months of being frozen.

 While people can certainly grow or source their own raw cannabis, many people simply do not have the time and resources to maintain a steady flow of raw cannabis material for consistent daily consumption.  For many, the easiest and most convenient way to consume raw cannabis is to keep a supply of Jade Nectar raw cannabis juice cubes in their freezer.  When ready to consume, people simply drop a cube or two into their blender along with their favorite smoothie recipe or thaw the cubes into a glass of water, juice, or other beverage.

What to expect when consuming raw cannabis

For most people, raw cannabis is completely non-psychoactive.  However, many people do notice a ‘shift’ within minutes of consuming raw cannabis juice.  The vast majority of people report a ‘heightened sense of well-being’ that is comparable to the relaxed state one feels after a yoga session, after a nice massage, or after meditating.  Aches and pains often subside, tense muscles relax, while the mind remains calm and clear with no intoxicating side effects.  And there is a lot of evidence that consistently consuming raw cannabis on a daily basis has a cumulative effect as the cannabinoids build up in the body.  While subtle, many people realize after a few weeks that long-time nagging aches, pains, or other chronic symptoms start lessening or even completely disappear.

Raw Cannabis Juice is a great option for first-timers

We have all heard the stories of first-time cannabis users who take way too much THC for their first trial run.  These curious individuals often experience an unwanted and traumatizing trip to the cosmos after accidentally consuming doses of THC that would bend even the most seasoned cannabis user’s mind.  Sadly, this often happens with seniors and other new people who could have greatly benefitted from medicinal cannabis.  Unfortunately, the extreme psychoactive effects of too much THC often will permanently turn people away from medical cannabis.  However, raw cannabis is often a safe way for newbies to merge gently into medicinal world of cannabis.  While first-timers should still always start off with low doses of raw cannabis, raw cannabis juice has virtually zero risk of emotionally traumatizing people who do not wish to venture into psychoactive altered states.

People who are already benefitting from medical cannabis may also want to try raw cannabis juice to see if it resonates in a positive way as well.  Drinking raw cannabis juice is just one more exciting way of interacting with this beautiful plant.

You can find out more information about raw cannabis and the Jade Nectar Cannabis Juice Cubes by visiting: www.JadeNectarJuice.com.  By joining the online Jade Nectar Collective, members can have access to the Jade Nectar Cannabis Juice as well as other Jade Nectar products.