Finca Sagrada – Are You a Partner for Sacred Land Farm in Vilcabamba, Ecuador?

“Your land told me to invite people to come to the farm intending to give…and the land will gift them with just what they need.” Thus said our farm partner, Martine Sweeney from Santa Cruz, several months ago on her last visit here. We decided to take her remarkable advice, because we ourselves had come to the farm intending to give. As a result, we have found deep peace and joy here.  

We hereby invite you to our farm intending to give.

Serendipity being what it is, Pattie and Thom, Publishers of Connection Magazine, met us on the internet, fell in love with the story of the farm and invited us to be featured in this Center Theme—just when we decided to reach out for partners. So, let us introduce ourselves. We are Walter Moora and Susan Davis Moora and we design partnerships relevant to your own ‘life’s paths’.

What is Sacred Land Farm (    We are manifesting an intercultural, biodynamic, self-supporting farm community over which the Condor and the Eagle fly as one.

Our-Community-Room-at-Finca-SagradaWhat is Sacred Land Farm

We are manifesting an intercultural, biodynamic, self-supporting farm community over which the Condor and the Eagle fly as one.

What do you mean that your land gave Martine a message?

Initially, we didn’t really know why we bought the farm 6 years ago…we just felt we had to do so. By seeking oneness with the land, we gradually discovered that it was remarkable land indeed. It is 50 minutes from our home in the storied village of Vilcabamba in the southern mountains of Ecuador and it had been untended for a long time. We began creating a biodynamic farm out of the overgrown pastures and bringing cows, goats, burros, horses, bees and fish onto the farm. We raised more and more of our own food and developed trusting relationships with our Ecuadorian neighbors. A young man from the nearby village of Tumianuma, Cristian Ojeda, became our partner and family member. A Canadian woman homeopath visited for a day, fell in love with our impenetrable fique forest and told us the land told her to tend it.  We invited her to move in and she created a “Magical Forest” there, with frequent visitors.

Then, when Martine came to visit and first stepped on the land three years ago, she told us that mythical children from Vedic times came running to her, skipping and laughing. They told her how this land had been the home of a Vedic temple and mystery school and that these energy centers needed to be re-opened. She was able to walk the land with us and show us exactly where the sacred sites were. Since then, a psychic from Hawaii told us the same thing from there!


Honoring our Sacred Sites

This changed our understanding dramatically and since then, we have sought to honor the four sacred sites on the farm. We have also serendipitously met elders of the Four Nations of La Sierra Nevada (“the Kogi”) through a global network called The Fountain. This network, created by Jyoti Prevott (founder of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers), is one of 40 innovation networks in sustainability which Susan has served over 40 years (see  The Fountain’s mission is that “we are restoring a global economy of reciprocity, inspired by nature and the sacred.”

The Kogi told the members of The Fountain that the sacred sites of our farm were important to reopen because the spiritual center of Earth was now moving from the Himalayas to the Andes. They asked that The Fountain members meet here—and, that is just what they did two years ago.  Since then, we have located the original indigenous people of our valley, the Palta tribe, with whom we are now developing relationships.


How We Farm

We are creating a self-sustaining farm eco-system where we grow most of our own food. We farm Biodynamically and follow Permaculture Principles. Although our farm has a twelve hundred acre mountain, which we hope to reforest, we mainly use the bottom twelve acres of irrigated pastures, orchards, gardens and some forest.

Walter brings to the farm his 40 years of biodynamic experience on four continents and Cristian brings the local knowledge of plants and animals and how things are done in Ecuador. As Walter and Cristian teach our interns how to steward Earth, Susan guides them on finding their destiny paths, which is her area of expertise.

The Farm Buildings and Capacity

For The Fountain meeting, we somehow managed to host almost 30 people on our farm, however, we are not a retreat facility. We have two adobe cabins, made from an adobe mine on our farm, with a compost toilet and an outdoor kitchen and shower. We have two big walk-in tents, tree houses and an earth-bag house, also with an outdoor kitchen and a shower. Then, to accommodate an intentional community, we built a large house and community center, with two large bedrooms and a second-floor bunk-room. The community center’s living room can host 30 people on chairs in a circle for “KINS” meetings.

Our Invitation to Partners

We offer internships for one month and more as described at And, now, we have reached a mature point and are looking for additional partners in Vilcabamba and on the farm to settle in with us for the long term, joining Martine, Cristian and an Ecuadorian couple close to us.   

We are now inviting those interested in partnering to join us on the farm for lengths of time and other arrangements that work for you.  During the next year, we will explore and support each others’ interests, using a time-tested “Satir” method for regular meetings. This method has been used successfully in the KINS Innovation Networks to which Susan has devoted her life. “KINS” stands for “kindred spirits” and the idea that “we are all one.” They are fully described at and in Susan’s book (see end). Over the year, the relationships between partners will be co-created, as we have done successfully before. We believe that the best legal strategy for this in Ecuador is the land trust, which we can explain. We will be taking zero profit from partners that join us…just a percentage return of initial capital shared among our new partners.


Aerial -View of the Farm Finca-Sagrada

A Home for KINS Networks

The farm is also becoming a home for these KINS network meetings, such as the meeting for The Fountain. This December, about 20 people from around the world will be joining us for a week, exploring various innovations from some half-dozen different KINS networks.

More information is on our website  –  Sacred Land Farm

More information is in our books

Walter’s book about his life and biodynamics is called A Farmer’s Love and is available on Amazon. Susan’s book about her 40 KINS Innovation Networks is free at and It is called The Trojan Horse of Love and, if you have read our story this far, you are also probably a ‘Trojan horse of love’.

Finca Sagrada ~ Who We Are:

Mission Statement

Our inspiration is the indigenous saying of the Americas that “neither the people of the North nor the South will thrive until the Condor and the Eagle fly as one.”

Finca Sagrada is a community birthed in gratitude where people can reconnect to the sacredness of the Earth and our own being…
where the Earth has rights equal to human beings…
where we steward Earth and each other…over a self-sustaining sacred community.

About Vilcabamba

and the Farm

Being close to the Equator yet in the mountains, Vilcabamba experiences spring-like weather all year long and has been heralded as one of the healthiest towns on Earth. Scientists who tested the quality of water in the world’s most heralded sites deemed Vilcabamba’s the best.

We are very diversified, with cows, goats, burros, chickens, fish and bees. We have a food forest with bananas, mandarins, avocados and coffee. On the ground we grow traditional crops such as yucca, camote and white carrots plus a variety of vegetables from the Northern Hemisphere. We also have a green house and flower gardens. Our aim is to be self- sufficient and sometimes we get pretty close.

Walter and Susan Davis Moora bought the land in 2009 and here are manifesting their dreams.

Our Operating Principles

  • Our strategy is generosity
  • A deal is a good deal when it is good for all concerned.
  • We each do what we love to do and do well…and little else.
  • We sit at the table of unknowing about manifesting conscious sustainability on Finca Sagrada and we invite Spirit to co-create with us for the highest good of all concerned.
  • When we feel triggered, we go within and ask what within us is asking to be healed. Then we express that as a concern to the group, with a suggested solution we feel is good for all.
  • We take responsibility for healthy relations and communications with community members.

Join us! We look forward to hearing from you,

finca sagrada

Walter & Susan Davis Moora

email: or Susan at