Regulating-Cannabis-Growers-in-Santa-Cruzby Valerie White

On April 12 I attended a very eclectic meeting of the Cannabis Cultivation Choices Committee or C4. The committee had voted on the regulations for growers in Santa Cruz County and was now preparing to bring it to the Board of Supervisors.

There were people from all walks of life in attendance. Public comments included a vitriolic tirade by a man named Foster from Bonny Doon. Apparently Bonny Doon wants to be special. Foster stated that he hates the smell of Pot and was adamant that he does not want it grown in his neighborhood, and if it is going to be grown there, he wants to be notified as to where. Really? What if someone wanted to grow roses but Foster didn’t like the smell? What if someone wanted a dog but he didn’t like the sound of barking? It doesn’t seem like it would be legal to have to ask your neighbors what you can or cannot grow on your own property.

If Marijuana becomes legal recreationally after the coming election, shouldn’t it be legal to grow however many plants on whatever type property you have? Do neighbors tell you how many tomatoes you can grow? The committee came up with all sorts of charts about how many plants could be grown on how many acres, the minimum being 3 acres. There were also recommendations for licensing. Why should anyone need a license to grow an herb? Should anyone, including government of any sort be allowed to dictate this?

The Board of Supervisors should be urged, no, demanded by the public, to realize that Marijuana is just another plant and that it was only politics that made it illegal in the first place. It was wrong and never should have happened any more than prohibition should have happened. The Supervisors now have an opportunity at this historic time to right that wrong and allow people their inalienable right and freedom to grow any plant they want to on their own property without having to ask for anyone’s permission.

Bio:  Valerie White is a writer, artist, and Intuitive reader and Life Coach who works in the Santa Cruz and Monterey area. You can contact her by email