Tim-Blake-The Cannabis Crusaderby Author Tim Blake

About the Author”  Tim Blake started us­ing cannabis in 1971. He grew his first out­door cannabis cropin 1975 and has been a part of the evolution of our in­dustry and culture ever since, witnessing every aspect the in­credible journey it’s taken us on. That same year he also started doing transcendental meditation, since then, cannabis and meditation have been an integral part of his daily life. A realtor in the late seventies, Tim was one of the founders and the CEO of several production companies in the early 1980s including a “New Age” distri­bution and production company, a Rap music label, and a video and music production studio. Tim is blessed to have three amazing daughters and six beautiful grandchildren. He has owned property in Mendocino County since the late seventies, finally moving up for good in 1992.

In 1998 he bought an old campground and cre­ated “Area 101”, a spiritual sanctuary and event center for all faiths, devoted to personal growth and spiritual enlightenment. Over the years he’s produced a wide range of events, and created The Emerald Cup, the Worlds Largest Organic, Outdoor Cannabis Competition. Tim sponsored and helped produce the first gathering of law enforcement and cannabis farmers,to openly discuss how they would work together. This helped lead to the creation of the 9.31 program,the first of its kind in our country;whereby canna­bis growers could get legal permits from the county to grow organic cannabis. This,in turn led to Tim and a partner cre­ating the Men­docino Farmers Collective, the first collective that brought to­gether outdoor, organic growers in Mendocino County, creating a was a founding member of California Cannabis Policy Reform (CCPR), which evolved into CA Reform, and he was also a founding member of the Mendocino Cannabis Policy Council (MCPC).


What People Are Saying

“Such an exciting and interesting look in to the world of cannabis, government, andspirituality. Tim is a pioneer and the emerald cup is an amazing event. As laws and opinions are changing around the world, this book couldn’t have come at a better time to serve as both a lesson in history and a guide for thefuture. Can’t wait for more books!”

Jordan C., on Amazon.com

“Hang on for the ride.. This is a behind the scenes raw look into the rapidly changing world of cannabis. Excited for the second book!”

Chad, on Amazon.com


“You often wonder what makes a man like Tim Blake tick. Founder of The Emerald Cup and Area 101, and part of every conversation regarding cannabis in Northern California, Tim’s universally admired for his manic work ethic, spiritual wisdom, and fundamental fairness and integrity. He is a leader in re-form, and a champion of both farmer as well as the land thatnourishes him and us, stressing sustainability, organic flowers and most important, small family farms as the desirable model. What makes up a man like this? You’re about to get a glimpse, in his autobiographical novel, THE CANNABIS CRUSADER: DANCING WITH THE FEDS, A Spiritual Journey Through One Man’s Lifelong Dedication to his Medicine, a thrilling readabout a thrilling life.”—John Vergados, SKUNK Magazine



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